Apparel Search Engine

NextFit is a revolutionary online search engine for apparel that utilizes data analytics and machine learning to make online search for clothing intuitive and meaningful. NextFit technology also helps brands to significantly shorten the apparel design process.

Find The Right Fit

With its revolutionary search technology, NextFit helps online shoppers find and compare the fit for the clothings they are looking for and buy their items with the peace of mind knowing that the item they are about to purchase will fit.

Lower Return Rate

Next fit helps customers choose their clothing online with better confidence on how they are going to fit and avoiding the hassle of having to return them. This also decreases the return rates, helping the brands bringing down the costs.

Shorter Production Cycles

Current process of desiging and manufacturing clothing involves repeated cycles of trial and error, which is time consuming and costly. NextFit's technology helps lower the costs and the design time by using data analytics, and machine learning.

It Is Hard to Shop Online For Apparel

Finding the right fit when shopping for clothing online is virtually impossible. Brands have mainly incompatible names for their styles, different cuts and even different sizing standards. Most people buy two or three sizes of the same item when they shop online with the intention of keeping one and returning the rest.

Shopping For Clothing Is Inefficient

Apparel market is very rich in terms of the number brands, styles, and the variety of the options that are available to the customers. With the absence of a proper search tool for the right fit however, most of the customer's time and effort is spent on finding the right fit rather than the right style or brand.

Shopping For Clothing Is Time Consuming

Customers have to physically go to the store and try the items one by one to find what looks good. This means a lot of time spent on searching for the right fit, rather finding a beautifyl style.

Shopping For Clothing Is Tiring

There is a lot of joy in buying new clothes, that's what makes the tiring process of trying the clothings one by one unnoticed.

No Place For Targeted Marketing

Apparel market is exteremely fragmented. Natually smaller and newer brands need to spend a lot of money on marketing to get their names out. Meanwhile, customers spend most of their time and energy finding their preffered fit and once they found it they would stay with that brand and model for a long time. Currently websites like Facebook and Instagram are the major avenues for brands to target their audience.

High Return Rates

One of the biggest problems with online sales of apparel is the high return rates. Return rates for the clothing items sold online is almost ten times the return rates for the clothing items sold in stores and the number one reason for returns is the wrong fit.